A Day On the Sets of Godhi Banna

An year back when the first teaser of the Kannada film Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu featuring Ananth Nag came out, it had me excited. Along with my friends, I had co-founded a Kannada graphic T-Shirt company called “Iruve” just then. I visited the website of the film, which clearly showed the care taken in terms of making the design and aesthetics stand out. My gut feel said that this one is going to be a special film and having a company that is specifically design oriented will be benefited from collaborating with this film.  I wrote to the director of the film, Hemanth M Rao, appreciating the same and a proposal to joining hands with the film team in bringing official merchandise of the film. We had a meeting and I mentioned about me being a full time photographer to Hemanth. Few months later, I got a call from him again, but it was about taking stills for the film for a day. It was the time when my hands were full with wedding assignments. But this was an opportunity I couldn’t have missed. I have been an avid cinephile since long. But I had never got an opportunity to see how a movie set functions.

Having been a huge admirer of Ananth Nag, I was nervous and excited to see him perform live. Being a veteran, I was expecting to see him land on the set and directly give his shots. The first scene of the day was happening inside a car, between Ananth Sir who is playing a role of a middle class man ailing with Alzheimer’s  and incredibly talented Rakshit Shetty, who is playing his son in the film. The way Ananth Sir was preparing to get into the role before the camera rolls,  just blew me away. He was in the character even off camera and those are the images that I love the most. His dedication and passion for his craft was inspiring to say the least. I truly consider myself very privileged to have gotten a chance to capture some really candid shots of him getting into this special character, that I can’t wait to watch on the big screen on June 3rd.

I will let the images speak for itself now. Press on the image to view it as slideshow on full screen. Hit Play on the music attached in the top of the page too!




I went to shoot again during the patchwork shoot.

In the back of my head, I always had this juvenile thought that having seen so many films, I could be able to direct at least one film in my life. But on that day of the shoot, I realised that it is not everyone's cup of tea. The amount of skills, energy and focus needed by the director to handle a film is not ordinary. With Murphy's law playing havoc (probably it happens every now and then in film sets) there were many hindrances like rains, generator van breaking down, gimbal not working etc. But to see Hemanth go about shooting extremely focused and passionately was a delightful watch. Must say that the team he had was equally motivated to to get it right.



With movie release around the corner, I really hope that it fulfills the expectation it has set for itself. Let me know your thoughts on the images presented above. I'll be waiting to hear your feedback. If you liked what you saw, please share it around 🙂



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