About Me


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How it all Began

It is said that childhood subconsciously plays a major role in the decisions we take in our life, and I too owe my skills as a photographer to my upbringing. I grew up in a picturesque part of South Canara- in the midst of lush greenery, a rich culture and a LARGE family. Being born into a big family has it’s own perks- many cousins who keep company in all your mischiefs, and you get to attend way too many weddings and other festivities. Being born into a family that appreciated art, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to quality art and literature at a very young age. With my grandmother being a poet, I had access to some excellent books that painted vivid imagery in my head. Observing people and emotions, which I believe are my strengths as a photographer, originated here. My first camera was a Kodak reel camera which my cousin gifted me. As I was growing up I got introduced to world cinema at an early age and I remember thinking about applying to film school after 12th. Life had a different plan for me, and I ended up doing engineering and snagged a job in IT industry right after. But the longing and passion for arts, especially photography just grew over the years and I believe that the art itself gave me the courage to leave my traditional job. I worked with Ankith Singh in ANK studio right after. I was fortunate to be a part of some of the most exquisite wedding shoots in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and Ahmadabad during that time where i exercised and improved my skills. The journey helped me hone my craft, and also helped in bringing out the best in me, consistently.


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What is Photography?

What makes a photographer a great one? I believe it is 75 % sensibilities and 25 % technique. I believe a technically perfect photo with perfect lighting, exposure alone does not make a picture loveable. Instead, every picture must tell a tale of its own. It must effectively capture and reflect all the right emotions in the right capacity, and the technical frills should only assist the photographer in doing just this. The technicalities, such as a great camera and quality lenses are merely tools of a photographer, while good sensibilities is the most important thing a photographer can have.

My Promise

Having shot over 50 weddings so far, I have learnt to make the best use of the surroundings and make your special traditions an integral part of the photo shoots. With little restraint and inhibition, I make it a point to capture your celebration of love with utmost sincerity at every wedding assignment. I consider myself fortunate to be a part of your special day, and am ever thankful for the opportunity to document these personal moments. Having been in the game long enough I have had the pleasure of interacting with some of the most interesting professionals in the field. I regularly collaborate with eminent professionals who specialize in photography, videography, candid video shoots and other related crafts. Our sole purpose is to deliver a memory worth cherishing, and strive to reach this goal on every assignment.



Varsha and Arjun

Varsha Arjun Vara Puje (212)

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A picture is worth a thousand words, but your pictures leave us speechless. The photographs are just amazing, we really couldn’t have asked for anything better. They are perfect. Everyone who has seen them has said how stunning the photographs are. Your creativity and timing caught the beauty and essence of our event. You are amazing and truly fun to work with.

We would highly recommend Sharath to any couple getting married. His pictures bring back so many memories of our special day. Its wonderful to have such great pictures to look back on.


Neha and Hemanth

Neha Hemanth Wedding-233

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When my husband spoke about his friends work into photography I couldn’t get enough convinced until I got to see few clicks and We were so sure to handover our wedding photography to Sharath. Me being a photo enthusiast did happen to check his clicks apart from wedding genre and each picture is a unique and splendid with a tinge of creativity . He being very dedicated and professional in his work gives his 100 % to not to miss on those subtle moments of your fairy tale wedding which are cherished for years to come… Those well timed shots speaks endless joy …a colourful mix of emotions from a kid dancing to those fast beats to the lovely bride and groom exchanging cute gestures.

I take this opportunity to thank Sharath for all d exquisite moments captured with utmost zeal and enthusiasm… I’m extremely happy to write this testimony. Good luck with your ventures and looking forward for an opportunity to freeze some memories soon.



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Driven by passion and spirit to capture each moment perfect, Sharath with his camera and creativity is the guy who delivers each pic splendid! He is great to work with and is extremely organized. When my wife and I approached him to do the photo shoot, he accepted the offer and followed up with us all along to check if we did need any help and shared many creative thoughts to help us make it special and the more beautiful. He gave us best advice in terms of decor,lighting and scheduling to ensure we missed on none. Sharath was a great presence to have around, calm and helpful. His team worked so well co-ordinated and in sync to capture each moment colorful and enthralling. Sharath’s pics speak of the tales of human emotions, moments and intimacies of life. He followed us around tirelessly for two days of events during the wedding extending his schedule beyond to accommodate our last minute requests . In quieter events, he had the presence of a friend and in the noisier ones, we didn’t even notice he was there. The final pics received were colorful, elegant, mesmerizing and timeless! His effort and excellence to deliver the spectacular is commendable! We couldn’t be more happier with his work and to recommend Sharath in a heartbeat for your upcoming wedding or event.


Gayathri and Swarup

Gayatri Swarup Wedding (193)

[full_width padding=”0 150px 0 150px”]Sharath breaks the traditional monotony of wedding photography into a seemingly joyous occasion which inherently integrates into the spirit of celebration. He became a part of our family during our wedding, greeting and gleefully capturing the buoyant moods of people with his camera. Understanding the various customs and traditions, he captured all significant moments that reveal the whole ceremony every time we see those photos. Importantly, all photos were very appealing, pleasant and felt lively. This whole experience was surprisingly different and vividly satisfying for everyone who participated. Thank you very much Sharath for making it so memorable, especially to both of us.


Suma and Ravindra

Candid natural expressions photography

[full_width padding=”0 150px 0 150px”]’Passionate’ is the word that comes to my mind when you ask me about Sharath. Sharath as I know is very passionate about his work. I really appreciate his conviction and love towards photography or any art for that matter – Be it music, movies, plays anything related to art! If you carefully observe his work, he brings a uniqueness which makes him standout from the rest.

We had lot of fun time during our post-wedding couple-shoot. Those were some of the best memories which we would like to keep forever.